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Our Process

When we carry out a custom fitting we take the customer through a process to ensure they go away with clubs that are going to see immediate performance benefits but more importantly a set that will help them improve.

The First Step

The first step is to find out essential information about you and your golf game and assess the performance you get with your current golf clubs. This stage is critical as we can then understand your golf game and what can be changed and adapted to help you hit those goals.

Once we’ve completed step one and have collected some benchmark results from your current clubs, we then take some static measurements to determine the correct length and lie angles of the clubs, we then test this using TrackMan to ensure the setup works for you.

The Next Stage

Once the lie angle and length have been decided, the next step is to find the right weight and flex to suit your swing.

Weighting is determined by a number of parts but finding the right balance is crucial to get to most out of your swing. To get this right, swing length, tempo and the ability to centre strike the ball are all factored in to the process to decide between variations of graphite or steel. When it comes to suitable flex this comes down to swing speed. The faster you swing the club, the stiffer shaft you will need.

With the above information found, the testing begins. Trying out between different combinations of head and shaft brands will allow you to get a feel for what each offers and, looking at the distance and dispersion data, see how much each setup improves on your current set.

With iron fittings, at this stage, your fitter will have the suitable information to make a recommendation about the best way to set up your golf bag. With many golfers, that may be to drop the longer irons in favour of hybrids to gain that extra consistency out on the course. On the other end of the scale, from the shortest iron, we can then see where distinct gaps are and recommend the right wedge lofts to match.

The Final Stage

By now, we’ve find the perfect setup. All that’s left is to find a set of grips to match. Every player will have a feel and hand size distinct to them so here the key is to get a feel for the different styles, whether that’s hard or soft rubber, with or without chords, there’s a huge range of feels that each one will offer depending on your preference.

Now the final decision has been made, the clubs are custom ordered to your specifications. Upon arrival we check each club to ensure that they have been built exactly to your specifications.
Once you have been playing with your new clubs for a few weeks and have gotten the opportunity to try them out on the course, you will be invited back for a follow-up appointment in which any questions you have can be answered and a check of lie angles and wedge gapping can be done.