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Why Custom Fit

When it comes to buying clubs its easy enough to just pick something off the rack and hope it’s right for you

At the MGC Academy we believe in the value of custom fitting to all our players.

We consider Custom Fitting to be an essential to every golfer. With so many factors that go into creating the perfect setup for you, whether this is your first set or your tenth, getting your clubs custom fit is indispensable.

As a manufacturer supported fitter we get access to a much wider range of fitting options so that you can get fitted with the confidence that you can find the right setup to improve your game. Working closely with the top brands we are provided with essential insights and access into all the latest equipment so that we can fit you with a complete knowledge of the clubs.

The help you need

With so many options on offer when it comes to choosing the right clubs for you, we can guide you through the process and with TrackMan data you can see exactly how much you can improve your game.

Our Process