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Trackman Games

If your looking for some friendly (or fierce) competition Trackman delivers a host of exciting games that can be played in a competition format amongst groups of friends, societies, corporate days and sections of the golf clubs.

Trackman offers four games:

  • Closest to the Pin– A play on the classic, the goal is simple to knock it as close as possible.
  • HIT IT! – An adaption of the long drive competition but with a twist. Hitting if long won’t help you here if you can’t hit it straight!
  • BULLSEYE – This is one to test your approach play. You’ve got 3 shots and the goal of scoring as many points from the rings around each hole.
  • Capture the Flag – One that’s sure to create some rivalry, this is as simple as trying to hit the ball closer than your opponent to capture each flag. Holding the flag for the most number of rounds makes you the winner.

All of the games are a fantastic addition to a society or company golf day, as well as being really ideal for a special occasion, such as a birthday.